Celebrate in a special atmosphere

Reserve your table in an atmosphere of the epoque of wizard Merlin. Just fill in a brief form on this webpage and we will notify you of the confirmation of your reservation.
Reservation can be also made by calling
 +421 (0)55 685 40 39 / +421 (0)903 580 580.


Knights used to meet in Camelot too!

We organize actions of all kinds almost every day. From small family parties, to important company meetings, to catering delivered to your place. Dinners with wine- tasting and a great combination of flavours from our kitchen and noble wine from all of the world- It’s always a great experience. Same as a huge plate of thirteen knights full of roasted meat prepared just for you.

We can organize:

  • company dinners
  • family parties
  • graduation parties​​​​​​​

We demonstrate our delicious specialities and professionalism by cooking “gulas” in Slovak food fest competition in a food stall at Bratislava castle, as well in preparing it in our knights’ lounge. Not only is it for politicians, artists and celebrities....

Our experienced team will be here for you to organize your party anytime. Our manager, chef and sommelier will tailor your party to best suit your needs. Our food can take you to medieval times but also show you a slice of modern gastronomy. Don’t hesitate. Be assured that we will look after you as if you were a Queen or a King!

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